Welcome to Lady Gets a Gun!

Here, women are empowered to be free. Since 2010, Maureen Rogers has been on the path to teaching women how to feel liberated, confident, and self-reliant. Through her careful and patient approach to firearm training, the goal of her teaching style is to meet women where they are, regardless of traumas, fears, or pre-conceived notions. Students have expressed their level of gratitude for her hands-on and thorough methodology.

With a background as a special education teacher for 35 years, Maureen's current specialty is not only to assist women to become more comfortable with firearms, but in some cases to also remediate fears and dismantle fallacies about firearms.

Maureen is originally from Hawaii where her first introduction to shooting sports was at the BB gun and archery range with her son at Cub Scout camp. It wasn't until 20 years later however, after relocating to Oregon, that she was able to expand her piqued interest to extensive training at Front Sight Training Center and earn instructor certifications with the National Rifle Association in pistol, rifle, shotgun, home firearm safety, and chief range safety officer.

Along with her classes and private lessons, Maureen  is Clinic Director for Women on Target, an NRA sponsored, Redmond Rod & Gun Club hosted event,  and  the Pistol and Rifle instructor at Ladies' Nites.   She is also the Cub Scout Day Camp District Shooting Sports Director, running the BB Gun and Archery ranges and Eddie Eagle learning station.

Finally, Maureen and husband Norman, also instruct coed firearms classes. Reach out to Lady Gets a Gun if you are looking to improve your skills in safe handling, mindset, maintenance, & marksmanship with

firearms. Maureen is very blessed with the opportunity to share her skills and knowledge with you.