(but guys, look for Maureen's co-ed class or contact her for private lessons.)

Handgun Safety
Maintenance, Marksmanship, & Mindset Class
$ 250.00 ($100 Deposit-$40 additional if you do not have your own firearm)


A class to learn the safety, skills, maintenance, marksmanship, mindset, and attitude necessary for responsibly owning and using a firearm.  Range time will be at the Redmond Rod and Gun Club.  Please bring your ID, face mask, personal sanitizer, meal, beverage, snacks, eye and ear protection, cap with brim, cleaning kit with 2 light colored cloths, hand towel or carpet piece to lay your gun on, can of Break Free CLP, or comparable cleaner lubricant, vinyl protective gloves, cotton swabs, snap caps (for dummy rounds), along with your firearm, owner's manual and 100 rounds of ammunition which match your firearm for use at the range, but is not allowed in the classroom.  If you do not have your own firearm or ammunition, an additional fee of $40 will need to be added.

Your NRA course completion certificate may be used for your Oregon "Application For License To Carry" in your county.  Please pick up and complete your written exam prior to class and bring $100 non-refundable deposit to 63930 N Hwy 97 Unit 49, Bend, 97701.  Call with questions /concerns.  I look forward to our journey together.  Maureen Rogers, 541-604-0144.

 Register for class at:
nstructions for Registering: Go to 'find a course':
Check box: 'Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, Instructor Led Only'
Type in: 'zip code'  Click closest search button (not the one near 'state')
Select preferred date from list
Click:  Details-Type in personal information to register
Copy-paste and/or print information from comments section
Check box: 'I certify information is true.....'
Click: 'Register'
I will text you when I have received your on-line registration.  
Please pick up your book and complete your test before the start of class at"
63930 N Hwy 97 Office.  Bend, Oregon.  Please call or text to be sure
I'm available for your time:  541-604-0144

Maureen Rogers, NRA Certified Instructor
email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upon successful completion of the course requirements and examination, you will receive a certificate of completion which may be submitted with your "Oregon Application for License to Carry Concealed Handgun".  The course is limited to 7 participants.